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1. Ultrasonic power: 0-100% adjustable.
2. Time setting: 0-60min or untimed.
3. Heating: 30-100℃.
4. Ultrasonic frequency: 28kHz or 40kHz.
5. Whole machine made of SUS304 stainless steel, 2mm thickness tank for acid-proof, anti-corrosive.
6. Industrial grade ultrasonic transducer, moisture-proofed PCB.
7. Advanced generator, sweep frequency, high quality, better effect.
8. Fully portable, 36L and above volume machines are with wheels, locking wheels for stability.
9. With free lid and stainless steel SUS304 basket.
10.Customized according to customer's request.

Aerospace, Marine, Railway, Automotive, Food and Beverage industry, Mining enterprise,
Medical Devices, Moulding, Electronic industry (PCB, clock parts etc), Pharmanceutical Industry, Pneumatic Tools, Grinding and Polishing Shops, Optical and Glass Industry, Transport Technilogy and Precision Mechanics.

Industrial Cleaner

New design model with power & heater,timer adjustable. Improved PCB design and 2mm thickness SUS304 tank offers powerful and reliable cleaning at an affordable price.

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