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1.The generator which adopts advanced high speed single chip microcomputer control technology and possess new circuit design theory,which is a new generation of multi-functional ultrasonic cleaning generator.
2.The control box adopts high speed single chip microcomputer controlled digital frequency synthesis technology with half bridge circuit drive which is stable and low power loss.
3.Digital ultrasonic generator is adjustable.Thus it is more flexible and more efficient.
4.Its complete protection function which include overheat alarm and over-current alarm make the work become more reliable.
5.Its accurate timer which calculate results has four numbers, guarantee the quality of your work.
6.The screen can display status of work mode, frequency or current according to your requirement.


Digital Ultrasonic Generator

1.Working voltage: AC 220V/110V 50/60Hz ±10% 2.Working current: please note that the equipment can not work long time under the state of operation when its current is greater than the rated current. 3.Working environment: the temperature is 0℃- 40 ℃ 4.Working humidity: 40%- 90% 5.Working frequency: 28/40 KHz ± 10% 6.Time : 0-59 minutes and 59 seconds

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