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★Application of Ultrasonic welding machine:welding small stud M3-M10 stubs
★Welding material:stainless steel,low alloy steel,aluminum,yellow brass
★Machine adopts the latest PIC microcontroller program control technology,precise control capacitance working voltage;
★Main components configuration,the original import components,assure product performance;
★Computer multivariate design interior structure itself,the platoon is reasonable,a small portable;
★Traces small,the welding deformation;
★Welding scope,suitable for welding of carbon steel,stainless steel,copper alloys,aluminum material;
★Time is short,the work itself charging high efficiency;
★Screen shows working voltage,stepless adjustment,need not shut off the power always switch;
★Rate is very low,the host had average trouble-free use one million times above;
★Operation is simple,convenient,easy to learn;
★Welding torch choose imported from Germany itself to micromanage switch, life, it is the Lord 60 million times of capacitance life 1/3, Lord Capacitance life 200million times!



Ultrasonic Welding Equipment

Ultrasonic welding equipment consists of ultrasonic welding transducer, ultrasonic welding generator, ultrasonic horn, machine press, and component supports booster.

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